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Cassia Tora Seeds Exporter and Supplier In Nigeria


Cassia Tora Seeds Exporter and Supplier In Nigeria

Gombella Integrated Services Limited is a Leading Cassia Tora Seeds Exporter and Supplier In Nigeria. We stand unwavering in our commitment to quality. When it comes to international export we are your ideal partner.

At Gombella Integrated Services Limited, we take great pride in offering top-quality Cassia Tora seeds for export. We get our seeds from trusted farmers, and all our seeds go through a rigorous quality check.

What is Cassia Tora Seed

Cassia tora seeds come from the cassia tora plant. They are also known as Sickle Senna or Sicklepod. It has been used in medicine for a very long period. Cassia tora seeds are small in size between 0.2 to 0.4cm. They are shaped like kidneys and are rich in anthraquinones and essential fatty acids.

It is valued for its laxative properties. Cassia tora seeds are useful for constipation, skin conditions, and eye health challenges. This seed is quite multifaceted, so it finds many uses in industries and medical sectors.

Gombella Export Specifications for Cassia Tora Seeds

Size>3 mm
Moisture< 9%
Admixture< 3%
Minimum Order Qty1 x 20ft FCL
Payment TermsConfirmed 100% non-transferable, irrevocable L/C at sight OR 50% advance T/T, 50% DAP at sight of documents.
Table showing Gombella Export Specifications for Cassia Tora Seeds

Uses of Cassia Tora Seeds

Cassia Tora Seeds are renowned for their diverse properties and benefits, making them a great choice for quite a number of applications:

  • Medicinal Significance: One of the primary areas where these seeds are used is in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional healing practices. Their laxative properties make them invaluable when it comes to digestive health.
  • Industrial Applications: For industrial applications, the seeds are converted into cassia gum. Which can be used as a thickening or stabilizing agent. As a result, it finds significant use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Natural Polishing Agent: In a surprising twist, these seeds even serve as a natural polishing agent for metals and jewelry due to their naturally abrasive surface.

Economics, Cultivation, and Habitat of Cassia Tora Seeds

  • Economics: With their laxative and medicinal properties, these seeds are in high demand, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Their role as a source of Cassia gum, a natural thickening agent, further increases their economic value, especially in the food industry.
  • Cultivation: Cassia Tora Seeds thrives in warm, tropical regions with well-drained soil, these seeds have become a preferred choice for farmers and agriculturists. Their adaptability and low maintenance requirements make them a suitable crop in countries like Nigeria, Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bhutan.
  • Habitat: These versatile plants have acclimated to diverse habitats, ranging from forests to wastelands. Their presence in regions like Nigeria, Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bhutan highlights their ability to thrive in varying ecosystems.
Cassia Tora Seed Farm
A Cassia Tora Seed Farm

Procedures Before Packaging

To ensure the cassia tora reaches our clients in the best of quality, it goes through a series of procedures. 

  • Cleaning and Sorting: The first crucial step involves thorough cleaning and sorting. This is done to remove all forms of impurity and foreign materials.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality checks are conducted with precision and care. Only seeds that meet our strict quality standards move forward in the process.
  • Packaging: We use ziplock packs, and in some cases, polypropylene bags to maintain the quality of the dried Cassia Tora Seeds, ensuring that they remain in their prime condition until they reach their intended destination.
  • Labeling: Proper labeling is vital for consumer awareness. Each package is meticulously labeled with essential information, including the origin and specifications of the seeds.

Our commitment to these procedures before packaging is a testament to our dedication to delivering the highest quality Cassia Tora Seeds to our clients. 

Why Choose Gombella Integrated Services Limited as your Cassia Tora Seeds Exporter and Supplier In Nigeria

When it comes to sourcing and distributing cassia tora seeds, selecting the right partner can make all the difference. Gombella Integrated Services Limited stands out as a beacon of excellence for various compelling reasons.

  • Quality Assurance: Gombella Integrated Services Limited’s commitment to quality control standards can be attested by all our satisfied clients. We adhere to all standards of the industry.
  • Reliability: We can be counted on to deliver what is required in prime condition and at the right time.
  • Professionalism: Our team of experts is always available to help our clients find the cassia tora seeds they need and we walk them through the process of getting their purchases.
  • Dependability: Gombella Integrated Services Limited has been in the business of cassia tora seeds export for over 10 years. Not only that, but we also export other Agro Materials such as garlic clove, dried hibiscus flowers, tiger nuts, and many others.

In a world where excellence and reliability are paramount, Gombella Integrated Services Limited shines as the ideal partner for sourcing the finest cassia tora seeds. 

Contact us today to discuss your cassia tora seeds import requirements and benefit from our expertise. Let our dedicated team help you expand your business and tap into new markets with our top-grade cassia tora seeds.

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