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Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria


Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria

Gombella Integrated Services Limited is a trusted number-one Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria. Our palm kernel shells are among the best and optimal choices for you when it comes to generating clean energy. As a result, you get a high calorific value with a reduced environmental footprint.

What is Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

What is PKS? Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) is the outer shell of the seed of the oil palm tree. You get palm kernel Shells during the extraction process of palm oil. Usually, the cracked shells were considered waste, but recently we see that this by-product is highly valuable.

The reason why it is considered valuable is because of its high calorific value. And it typically ranges between 4,000 to 4,500 Kcal/kg. Also, Its low moisture and ash content contribute to its suitability as a fuel source, particularly in power generation and industrial boilers. 

The use of PKS is a welcome way to reduce wastage from the palm oil industry, as a result, it also promotes sustainability because it offers an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Gombella Palm Kernel Shell Specification For Export:

Specifications: Element Analysis (wt %)Industry analysis (wt %)
Moisture 13% to 18% (Maximum)Carbon (C) 52.95 
Fiber 2% to 3% (Maximum) Hydrogen(H) 6.29 
Foreign Matter 2% (Maximum) Nitrogen (N) 0.52 
Hard Nut Shell 95% Oxygen (O) 38.51 
Kcal 3500 to 4000Sulphur(S) 0.07
Table Showing Gombella Palm Kernel Shell Specification For Export
  • We have the capacity for 7,500 Metric tons of PKS per month.
  • Payment Terms: Confirmed 100% non-transferable, irrevocable L/C at sight  OR  50% advance T/T, 50% DAP at sight of documents.

Palm Kernel Shell Characteristics

  • High Calorific Value: With a calorific value exceeding 4,200 Kcal, PKS is a potent energy source, ideal for efficient power generation and industrial use.
  • Low Moisture Content: PKS contains moisture ranging from 15-25% (As received) or 8-11% (Air Dried Base), ensuring it burns efficiently as a fuel.
  • Minimal Ash Content: At approximately 1-3%, PKS leaves behind very little ash, making it a clean and eco-friendly option.
  • Abundant Volatile Matter: With volatile matter levels around 68-70%, PKS ignites easily and provides consistent energy output.
  • Activated Carbon Content: Boasting about 20-22% activated carbon, PKS is valuable for water purification and industrial processes.

What are Palm Kernel Shells Used for

The Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) is a versatile and durable product with a wide range of applications. Used in a variety of industries and industries:

  • Biomass Fuel: The main use for PKS is as a biomass fuel. This is a result of its high energy content, so it is highly sought after for power generation and industrial heating.
  • Fertilizer and Factory Floor Cleaning: Further proof of the versatility of this palm by-product is the fact that its ash after combustion is also used as a fertilizer and cleaning agent for factory floors.
  • Road Enhancement: PKS is a great alternative to non-tarred roads. It can also be used on palm plantation roads to improve the traction of tractors and any agricultural vehicles.
  • Artisanal Fuel: Blacksmiths and artisans also find PKS as a great fuel material in their furnaces.
  • Exported by Palm Oil Producers: Industrial-scale palm oil producers export PKS, thereby reducing reliance on wood-based biofuels such as Hardwood Charcoal, and as a result lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fuel Briquettes, Biochar, and Activated Charcoal: PKS is a great by-product because it can also be processed into several products that can be used in various applications, such as fuel briquettes, biochar, and activated charcoal for various applications. Here is a case study for Palm Kernel Shell Briquettes in Ghana.
  • Construction: PKS is used for concrete reinforcement, aggregate, water purification, and road construction.

  • Animal Nutrition: Researchers are exploring the potential of PKS in animal nutrition opening new possibilities for this great by-product
Using Palm Kernel Shell as fertilizer
Using Palm Kernel Shell as fertilizer

Palm Kernel Shell Industry

The palm kernel shell industry is booming, with large palm oil producers adding it to their energy production processes. It is used with mesocarp fibers to meet energy needs and also to export to international markets, reducing reliance on other renewable sources

The export potential of palm kernel shells is really great, but untapped African potential in this area awaits exploration. The adoption of new technologies can increase PKS’s economic profitability, creating opportunities for operations and sustainable waste management.

PKS Environmental Impact

When it comes to the impact of PKS on the Environment, it is quite positive. Its use as a biomass fuel leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, and this in turn brings about a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Notably, the use of PKS which is a by-product of the palm oil industries means less reliance on practices that support deforestation.

PKS Sustainability

PKS showcases sustainability through its diverse applications. It aids in the reduction of cement production by serving as a lightweight aggregate for concrete, potentially lowering construction costs. Additionally, its use in water purification and agriculture reflects its role in promoting sustainable practices.

PKS Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of PKS are manifold. It boasts a high calorific value, low ash content, stable moisture content, and resistance to crushing during transportation. Its advantageous properties make it an attractive renewable energy source with considerable export potential.

While PKS offers numerous benefits, it is not without drawbacks. Meeting export specifications, such as moisture content, calorific value, shell hardness, and impurities, can be challenging. Sustaining exports from palm kernel shell producers in Africa may face hurdles if these standards are not met.

Why Choose Gombella Integrated Services Limited as Your Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria:

Gombella Integrated Services Limited has been around since 2008, and we are one of the leading Palm Kernel Shells exporter and Supplier in Nigeria.

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us, and here is some compelling reasons why you should consider us for your PKS needs:

  • Premium-Quality Assurance: 

We get our palm kernel shells directly from reputable palm oil manufacturers. And we ensure they are of a very high quality perform very well.

  • Commitment to Sustainability: 

Eco-friendly practices is something we take very seriously over here at Gombella, and that is why PKS is part of our roaster in the contribution for a greener and sustainable future.

  • Dependability: 

As mentioned earlier we have been in the business since 2008, exporting to different could tries and satisfied clients. Not only that, we alos supply other agro products such as tiger nuts, cassia tora seeds, and many others.

  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the right palm kernel shell solution that is suitable to your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your PKS import requirements and benefit from our expertise. Let our dedicated team help you expand your business and tap into new markets with our top-grade Palm kernel shells.

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