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Peanut Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria


peanut exporter and supplier in Nigeria

Gombella Integrated Services Limited is renowned as a top Peanut Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria. When it comes to peanut or groundnut as it is mostly called in Nigeria, we can be trusted to provide top grade samples. We export this supply this crop to so many satisfied clients all over the world.

Gombella Export Peanut Specifications

HS Code20081190
Cultivation typeCommon
Size50/60, 60/70
Moisture8% max.
Imperfect3% max.
Foreign matter0.5% max.
Afflatoxin< 4ppd
PackingPP Bags
Minimum Order Qty1 x 20ft FCL

Table showing Gombella Export Peanut Specifications

Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts offer numerous health benefits, such as:

Nutrient Dense: Peanut is loaded with a high amount of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. As a result, it has a lot of health benefits.

Weight Management: Peanuts are know for their satiety enhancing properties. As a result people looking to loss weight may use it as a suitable snack because it can make you fill full.

Heart Health: It can help to lower bad cholesterol levels because it has a rich reserve of monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat. As a result it can be a heart-healthy choice.

Blood Sugar Regulation: The low glycemic index of peanut, makes it a health snack for people suffering from diabetes. 

Longevity: Reveratrol which is an antioxidant that promotes logetivity , which is mostly found in grape fruits. Can also be found in a certain quantity in peanuts, so it may be beneficial for longevity.

Reduces Inflammation: Once again the presence of so many antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds would male it useful for reducing inflammation, which is a root cause for many diseases.

Incorporating these creamy peanuts into your daily diet is a flavorful and practical way to enjoy these health benefits. 

Uses of Peanuts

Culinary Uses: When ground into paste, peanut has quite a number of culinary uses. We get peanut butter which can be used as spread for bread and an ingredient in a lot of recipes.

When used as whole without grounding, it can be used in salads.

Cooking Oil: Peanut oil or groundnut oil is peharps one of the most known use for peanut. It is used in a lot of fried foods especially in Africa.

Agriculture: In agriculture, apart from it being a means of livelyhood for many farmers, one of the benefits of planting peanuts is that it enhances the soil by fixing nitrogen into it. As a result it enhances the soil fertility.

Skincare and Cosmetics: They are also used in the cosmetics industry. Because it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is used in various skin care products, also peanut oil is a great moisturizer.

Biofuel: The shell from the processing of peanuts, may also serve as an eco friendly biofuel, know as peanut shell charcoal.

Economics, Cultivation, and Habitat

Economic Impact: Gombella Integrated Services Limited understands the economic significance of peanuts. You can say that is why it is part of our exporta. Peanuts play a pivotal role in the agricultural economy. Their relatively low production cost and high nutritional value make them a vital cash crop in many regions.

Cultivation Insights: Scientifically known as Arachis hypogaea, they thrive in tropical and subtropical climates. Regions like Africa, India, China, and the United States ideal for cultivation.

Natural Habitat: They are grounded in the ecology of regions they call home. The roots of these plants enhance soil fertility by fixing nitrogen, benefitting neighboring crops. Their unique habitat interaction is an incredible example of symbiosis.

Procedures Before Packaging

Before this legume reaches the client, we pass them through a series of crucial procedures. The purpose is to ensure they’re of the highest quality. 

Sorting and Grading: The first step in the process is sorting and grading.

Workers categorize the product based on their sizes, and get rid of damaged nuts.

Cleaning and Shelling: Next is the shelling which is done by ground shellers which beat the pods, cracking the shells and a blower on the sheller seperates the nuts from the shell. It may also be further clean to remove any other piece of shells found.

Packaging: Once processed, peanuts are packaged in various quantities, from small bags to bulk containers. We ensure that the packaging is not only convenient but also preserves the freshness and quality of the peanuts.

Quality Control: In all this process we make sure that we align to all international standard. Providing a high quality product.

Why Choose Gombella Integrated Services Limited as your Peanut Exporter and Supplier in Nigeria

  • Unmatched Quality:  We at Gombella pride ourselves in the quality of peanuts delivered to all our clients, we make sure they go through a thorough quality assessment to make sure the final nuts meet all standards.


  • Ethical Sourcing: We get our products from farmers who adhere to sustainable eco-friendly practices.
  • Timely Delivery: We value the time of all our clients, so we make sure all orders get to our clients on time. We achieve this through our efficient logistics system. 
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our clients and customers can attest to the fact that we are committed to making sure they are satisfied with our services and products. You can expect a hassle-free experience with us.
  • Competitive Pricing: With us be rest assured that you can get the best price for peanuts. Our prices are competitive and reliable.

Contact us today to discuss your peanuts import requirements and benefit from our expertise. Let our dedicated team help you expand your business and tap into new markets with our top-grade peanuts

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