World Groundnut Production Statistics



Unveiling the Numbers: A Deep Dive into World Groundnut Production Statistics

Unveiling the Numbers: A Deep Dive into World Groundnut Production Statistics

As a staff member of Gombella Integrated Services Limited, a key player in the peanut export industry, I am excited to share insights into the world’s groundnut production statistics. Groundnuts, also known as peanuts, are a vital crop globally, contributing significantly to food security and economic stability in many regions. Let’s explore the latest figures and trends shaping the world’s groundnut production landscape.

Global Groundnut Production Overview:

Firstly, let’s establish the sheer scale of groundnut production. According to the latest world groundnut production statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), global production reached a staggering 50.46 million metric tons in 2023. This remarkable figure highlights the significance of groundnuts as a major agricultural commodity.

But where are these vast quantities of groundnuts grown? Analyzing world groundnut production statistics further reveals some interesting geographical trends. Asia takes the lead, contributing a whopping 74% of the global production. Within Asia, China reigns supreme, producing over 36% of the world’s groundnuts, followed closely by India with nearly 22%. Africa comes in second with a 19% share, with Nigeria being the continent’s top producer. Interestingly, despite their popularity in North America and Europe, these regions contribute only a small portion to the overall world groundnut production statistics.

Understanding these geographical distributions is crucial for manufacturers and traders like Gombella. It allows us to optimize sourcing strategies, build strong relationships with key producer countries, and ensure a consistent supply of high-quality groundnuts for our customers.

Key Trends in Groundnut Production:

  • China and India’s Dominance: China and India have consistently maintained their positions as the top groundnut-producing countries. China’s vast agricultural landscape and advanced farming practices contribute to its leading position, while India’s diverse climatic conditions and agricultural traditions support its substantial groundnut production.
  • Emerging Markets: Countries like Nigeria and Indonesia have seen a notable increase in groundnut production in recent years. Nigeria, in particular, has implemented various initiatives to boost groundnut cultivation and improve yields, making it a key player in the global market.
  • Technological Advancements: The adoption of modern agricultural practices, such as mechanization and precision farming, has led to increased efficiency and productivity in groundnut cultivation. These advancements have played a significant role in meeting the growing demand for groundnuts worldwide.

Implications for the Peanut Industry:

Of course, world groundnut production statistics only paint part of the picture. Understanding market trends and consumption patterns is equally important. Groundnut oil, derived from these legumes, is a popular cooking oil worldwide, particularly in developing countries. Additionally, the growing demand for plant-based proteins is driving increased consumption of groundnut-based products like peanut butter and snacks. This presents exciting opportunities for both producers and manufacturers like Gombella to cater to evolving consumer preferences and expand market reach.

As we move forward, staying abreast of world groundnut production statistics and market trends is essential. At Gombella, we leverage this data to make informed decisions, support sustainable farming practices, and deliver the highest quality groundnut products to our customers. Through continued research and collaboration, we can ensure a thriving and sustainable groundnut sector that benefits all stakeholders, from farmers to consumers.


The world groundnut production statistics provide valuable insights into the global peanut industry’s dynamics. As a leading exporter of peanuts, Gombella Integrated Services Limited remains committed to providing high-quality peanuts to meet the demands of the global market. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the peanut industry as we continue to explore new opportunities and challenges in this dynamic sector.

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